RE: Ziatype: how many coatings?

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Date: 10/10/04-12:52:35 AM Z
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Hello Loris

>My question is: What is your experience with Ziatype? Do you think I can
>enough dmax with only one coating? Or should I coat twice?

Ziatype give good Dmax without the need of double coating. I get a 1.5
Dmax with one coat. If it'isnt enousgh for you you may consider to make
mutli espoxure and multicoating. This give better Dmax than double coating
and one exposure. I really don't find that ziatype gain anything from double
coating before one exposure.

I 've never use the whatman paper. But you may wait 10 minute before
exposure. But it depend on the temp and place you live . Here in normandy
with a 71°f and a 60%Rh I wait 10 minute and paper is ready to be expose.
and in fact whatever the weather till the Rh is over 50% I let my paper dry
10 minutes.
best regards

Nzé Christian

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