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Don't ya just love the progress in technology—this is a great example of
great value—low cost and high quality—hard to imagine what will be available just
5 years from now.

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> Mark,
> I just got a Microtek i900 scanner. It's unbelievably good. We have Epson
> 4870's at the school and the Microtek eats Epson's for lunch. They are both
> about the same price. For instance the i900 weighs 24 lbs and the Epson
> 14lbs. of course you don't buy by the pound but the Microtek reflects the
> quality that the Epson doesn't You can now get quality today for $600.00
> that was only available on $100,000.00 drum scanners a few years ago.
> Whoooee.
> --Dick

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