RE: Gum - gelatin sizing or not?

From: Kate M ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/07/04-01:39:25 AM Z
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Just a quick check in with you more experienced folk. I have heard
mixed opinions on gelatin sizing for gum. Curious to hear your
opinions, or is the need more related to paper choice or pigment
choice? Or does the size of the finished print have a role as well?

Hi Dwayne, I've always used gelatine sizing and found no problems with
it. I make all kinds of prints, from liquid light through to Cyano, Van
Dyke and Gum. The size of the print doesn't make any difference at all.
I use formaldehyde to harden the gelatine, adding it to the gelatine
solution, although I have hardened in a separate bath before now. I
changed because I figured that it was an extra step & gelatine is cheap
I use size for silver to stop the paper absorbing the emulsion too much,
for gum itís to prevent pigment staining, which I tend to get if I don't
size. I size twice before starting a print, second coat hardened (which
also hardens the first coat), and then I also brush coat with gelatine
between layers as I have had a lot of problems with staining.

BTW I have to say that it hasn't made a bit of difference when using
cyanotype for cyan whether I size before or after the cyano layer.


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