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Hi all,

I want to add something to this:

I use Photowarehouse film with Cone inks on an Epson 1160 and

1. There's absolutely no smearing or drying difficulties with this
setup. You can't lift ink even by rubbing with your thumb (unless it's
wet of course).

2. The density I get from this setup is sufficient to print full tonal
scale (double coatedI) Vandykes. My understanding is that Vandyke
process needs negatives with density range higher than Pt/Pd process.

So, if there are digital negative makers with "a similar configuration
to mine"; they can use Photowarehouse film "pretty confidently" to print
Vandykes and/or Pt/Pds.

Best regards,

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My guess is that since both Sam and Marek had difficulty with smearing
when making negatives for PT/PD, that this is not a film to use for
that. Drop it and get something that works. It is a waste of time and
money to try to make a film work by using a hair dryer, oven, sprinkling
it with foot powder or using a fixative spray-it's the alt photo god's
way of telling you something is wrong.
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