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Date: 10/06/04-10:02:06 PM Z
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I have a little booklet bought about 25 years ago titled
Fine Line Developer (it says $1.50 on the flyleaf).

The introduction says "This booklet has been organized to provide
information on using the random dot for the reproduction of photographic
slk-screen images. Kodak Fine-Line developer used with Kodak Kodalith film
will produce a dot suitable for printing images by plate lithography,
offset, photographic silk-screen, and various other non-silver processes.
I have found Fine-Line developer most helpful in achieving more continuous
tone effects for screen printing without the use of a half tone."


After that are about 5 pages about twice as long as that of instructions
plus some small reproductions. I don't have time or brain power now to
copy the rest of the text, & lost track of who asked the question, but if
someone has a website to put this on, or other suggestion, I'll copy those
pages and mail snail to him or her...

PS: it's signed "T. R. Hearsum, 1975"... if memory serves that was Tim

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