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Point taken.

Sugars can branch like mad. It makes them an "interesting" analytical
problem, in fact I'm doing work on some in my "day job." It has been said
that one can "encode" more "information" with sugars than with DNA.

I haven't spent much time studying gum, but look forward to your page. Feel
free to send it to me offline, if you wish.

Martin Angerman (we seem to have several Martins on the list)
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> Martin Angerman wrote:
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> > As far as hardening goes, pH may have a impact, or it may not. Gum
> > is a long complex sugar,
> Hi Martin,
> I know this is not your main point, but just as a point of accuracy, gum
> arabic is not a long structure, but is more globular in shape, a series
> of spheres rather than a long branched chain. It is very compact while
> at the same time highly branched. To complicate matters further, it
> actually has three components, of different molecular weight and
> different compositions, but all three components have a similar
> structure. I have a complete description of gum arabic on my page on the
> chemistry of gum printing, but that page is waiting to be uploaded
> pending the results of some chemical analyses.
> kt
> kt.
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