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Date: 11/29/04-10:47:11 PM Z
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When I get the time and all of the materials I'm going to give it a
try--like I said, I can pick it up free so I may as well give it a shot.
I plan on using it for gum over palladium and if I can get it to work
well for a one coating print then I may keep it in the arsenal when I
just need one gum coat over the palladium.

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On Sun, 28 Nov 2004, Jeremy Moore wrote:

> Just for further clarification I am NOT talking about spray starch, I
> talking about powdered starch. Can anyone point me in the direction of
> working with powdered starch to size prints for gum?

If you're doing multicoat gum intended to look "photographic", starch
may not please you. Aside from fact that it tends to wash off in
development, so at least theoretically should be re-done each coat, it
yields a somewhat grainy texture in the image -- at least mine did, tho
it's possible that was something in my usage & not intrinsic.

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