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I have never used powdered starch, but here goes: recipes: 1 t. argo corn
starch per 2 c water, boil 2 mn, add 1 tsp alum and a couple drops thymol
for preservative if keeping it around. Brush on 2 coats while very hot. Or
use spray starch 12" away, spraying before each new gum coating. I tried
this, and it didn't work well at all, but some do think it does. Or, 3%
arrowroot (standard dilution when they used it all the time in the olden
days), or 1/2 oz of it to 16 oz water, mix cold, bring to boil, boil til
thick, skim surface. This will get you started; I don't know what kind of
starch you use at work but please write and let us know if it works.

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Subject: Starch sizing for Gum

>I read in John Carroll's Photographic Facts and Formulas (1976 edition)
> that:
> "The paper may also be sized with a fairly thick paste of laundry starch
> instead of the gelatin, and some workers prefer this method." (p313)
> But that's all it says, does anyone have any further info on this method
> of sizing? I work at a dry cleaners so I can take all the starch I need
> free.
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