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Date: 11/29/04-03:38:23 AM Z
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Hi - I don't know how many people here use silver-gelatin (liquid light,
art emulsion, homemade emulsions, etc.) but I like to ask questions
related to coating:

Sizing related:
- what do you size paper with?
I usually use Watercolour paper and size with gelatine/ formaldehyde. I
can do this because I work in a lab space with a fume cupboard and
vented drying area.
- how do you size? (brush, roller, dipping, etc.)
I size by bath. Two coats, 12-24 hours drying between.

Emulsion coating related:
- do you mix anything (water, gelatin, PhotoFlo, polyacrylamide,
  hardener, etc.) to emulsion?
If I'm coating glass, I add formaldehyde just before coating. Otherwise,

- how much solution do you coat (specify size)?
Per suare metre? I don't measure....

- how do you coat? (brush, roller, dipping, etc)

Brush first, then roll for a smooth surface. I find that applying by
roller I always get bubbles. Can't get a decent smooth surface roller
here (or can't find where to get one)

- do you work on heated surface while coating?
My workspace is always about 20deg Celsius so I don't bother for paper,
but I always heat glass from below with a hair dryer before coating. I
keep my emulsion in a warm bath while I'm coating as well.


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