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The answer (in my case) to each of your questions really
depends upon the substrate and the desired effect.

I would not want to choose a paper that gave me a hard
time, but if I had to I would look for the least noticable
solution. (in otherwords, if it were a band-aid, I would
choose a flesh-colored one, not a green and purple one!)

In my emulsion I don't find any additions are necessary.
Nor is a heated coating area, although I have one and if
and when it becomes necessary, I would use it.

Most of the factors can be optimized to make things go

It really depends on the ultimate effect you are after
and the substrate you choose to coat.


> Hi - I don't know how many people here use
> silver-gelatin (liquid
> light, art emulsion, homemade emulsions, etc.) but I
> like to ask
> questions related to coating:
> Sizing related:
> - what do you size paper with?
> - how do you size? (brush, roller, dipping, etc.)
> Emulsion coating related:
> - do you mix anything (water, gelatin, PhotoFlo,
> polyacrylamide,
> hardener, etc.) to emulsion?
> - how much solution do you coat (specify size)?
> - how do you coat? (brush, roller, dipping, etc)
> - do you work on heated surface while coating?

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