Re: Changes in Arches?

From: Katharine Thayer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 11/28/04-12:48:45 PM Z
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Katharine Thayer wrote:
> Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
> >
> But that doesn't mean it
> > hasn't changed since summertime. If you say it has, I'd be game to try it
> > again.
> Chris,
> I wouldn't waste my time if I were you; this new and "improved" (NOT!)
> Arches is a very weird paper. True, it has lost its stink, and it keeps
> a smoother surface than the old Arches after soaking, but it doesn't
> print gum for beans, and there aren't very many papers I would say that
> about. I've printed tricolors on it both sized and unsized and the
> results were unacceptable either way, IMO.

I could have been more specific here: I got speckles in the print (not
always but most of the time) whether the paper was unsized or sized; in
other words the problem with the inconsistency in the internal sizing
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