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Date: 11/28/04-08:32:07 PM Z
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On 11/28/04 5:12 PM, "Judy Seigel" <> wrote:

> It's possible that the 538 is something different --and I can't offhand
> think of the number of the Bienfang that used to be so popular for
> platinum. But if this is like that, I'd not choose it for gum. In fact
> I'd suggest you not start with it, because you'll give up immediately.
> That Bienfang was a thin, almost translucent, parchment-like paper, just
> about the opposite of the usual choices for gum.
> Judy

I think you are referring to Bienfang 360. Nice for cyanos. Kind of a
tracingpaper. Handles well in water.
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