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Date: 11/28/04-07:57:40 AM Z
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I have never used Bienfang, but the only paper I have found not to work with
gum so far is Arches 88 because it did not have wet strength. When I picked
it up, my fingers ripped off corners of the paper. This is with larger
sizes. I'm sure small pieces would work fine. There are papers I prefer
over others, though.

If you are doing just cyanotype, the way to test a paper is see if the
solution turns blueish after coating and before exposure. Then you have a
"hostile" paper. That said, Fabriano Artistico is a "hostile" paper but I
do tricolor gum over cyanotype with it and it works great, because it is not
just cyanotype that I am relying on for a good print.

If you are sizing, then both papers should work just fine for you. And if
you are not doing multiple layers, you can use a paper that is fragile. I
have printed on gampi, for instance, a very thin tissuey (yet strong) paper,
with one coat gum. Cyano, too. Rives BFK works great with cyano.
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>I picked up a pad of Bienfang No. 538 for my first attempts at Cyanotype
> Gum Bichromate. It's acid free, ph neutral, 140lb. medium surface, cold
> pressed. Is this an OK paper to start with? (I also picked up some BFK
> Rives).
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