Re: Changes in Arches?

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Date: 11/27/04-11:42:20 PM Z
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Ryuji Suzuki wrote:
> Speaking of funny or defective papers, a few sheets of Pescia I have
> at hand has a perforation-like line of 22 inches long (I suppose this
> is where they are supposed to tear the paper) in the middle of a
> sheet, and two Cartiera Magnani logos on a sheet... not where I expect
> them to be...
> Is this defect common of Magnani paper? Anyone??

 I've never seen this, but I've probably used no more than 20 sheets of
Pescia total. On my sheets, the logo, an anchor-looking thing, repeats
across the sheet along the bottom (or one long side, which I think of as
the bottom of the sheet). Maybe an inch up from the bottom, four or
five of them across the sheet. I just went out to look at a sheet to be
sure I was describing it accurately, only to find that I don't seem to
have any more Pescia.
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