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Date: 11/26/04-07:20:27 AM Z
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Certain papers will often with exotic colors in Selenium. The exact reason
for this has never been completely explained. As for your wish to replicate
your previous results: You can certainly replicate the results broadly
speaking. But, you will very likely never replicate them *exactly* (i.e.
the exact results from any specific print). The results from most toning
procedures are always one-of-a-kind - especially when sabbatier or
mordancage has been done first. Personally, I think this is a good thing!

I utilize numerous toning formula's in my own work - in various combinations
with different papers - to achieve fairly exotic range of effects. Selenium
is just one of the toners I use, often in combination with gold.

Tim Rudman - a frequent contributor to this list - has a very good book
entitled, "The Photographer's Toning Book." And, my personal website
( will give you a look at the effects I'm getting.
Also reproduced on the site are two articles I wrote for CAMERA ARTS
magazine, the first describing my appreciation of the history and
antecedents to modern "split" toning; and the second giving working notes
and formula for my signature selenium and GP-1 gold toning process

Good luck with your experiments! Be sure to keep good notes! They are
surest path to recreating these effects!

Best - Jon

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Subject: Toning Question

Here's a another question from a new-comer to the
list. It's not exactly alternative process related,
but since there are so many "alchemists" on the list,
I thought I'd ask. I recently made some sabattier
effect prints on RC paper, toning them in Selenium.
Surprisingly, they came out in a very wierd and very
nice copper color. Processing was pretty much the same
as for other sabattiers I've done so I can't figure
out why they ended up copper colored. I'd like to do
some more of these. Any ideas on how to replicate


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