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What was the paper you used? Selenium tones some papers very copper
colored, especially if used strong, and if there are lots of darks as in
your sabattiers you will notice it more. Forte is one. Also, if any
bleaching is used after selenium toning then you get that nice copper color.
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Subject: Toning Question

> Here's a another question from a new-comer to the
> list. It's not exactly alternative process related,
> but since there are so many "alchemists" on the list,
> I thought I'd ask. I recently made some sabattier
> effect prints on RC paper, toning them in Selenium.
> Surprisingly, they came out in a very wierd and very
> nice copper color. Processing was pretty much the same
> as for other sabattiers I've done so I can't figure
> out why they ended up copper colored. I'd like to do
> some more of these. Any ideas on how to replicate
> this?
> Jim
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