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> Do you have a link or a phone number for a supplier of this Fuji product?
> I'm not finding it in Google and the Fuji website it huge.

To put the conclusion first, sorry, I don't know. Perhaps you'd have
to call Fuji sales and ask who carries it... but their distribution in
North America is notoriously bad...

Google with keywords:

Fujifilm "Art Emulsion" -"state of the"

will give you the product info page (in Japanese) and a user's comment
by inmypov (screenname, in Japanese) including a photograph at:

I also tried googling with Japanese keywords and got two pages worth
of hits but the SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) is pretty bad, none is
worth reading.

>From the Fujifilm site

Art Emulsion and Binder come in 300ml bottles, and the Emulsion is
4000 yen and binder 2000 yen.

I'm afraid there ain't enough good info on the web. A lot of stuff I
find are pretty much noise (what's new about it?). That user's comment
by inmypov is probably most informative.

In that picture, the blowups on the top right panel is before selenium
toning and bottom right is after selenium toning. Hue changed from
greenish to purplish. That person developed the print in AGFA Neutol
WA. He used chap brush from a dollar store (it's actually a 100-yen
store) and didn't size the paper, which seems to be a cold pressed
neutral watercolor paper. I think this person had pretty good luck
with that cheap brush (and/or that paper).

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