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One usually have to use either a freely available version of the OS or a
licenced version of the OS. Apple provides older versions of their
systems for free. MS does not.

For example With VMware ( on linux one must use a
properly licensed version of Windows to install a windows emulator on top
of linux.


On Wed, 24 Nov 2004, Keith Gerling wrote:

> Off topic, but since you brought up the subject: Does the purchase of an
> emulator include the license for the emulated OS? For instance, if one were
> to run XP over Linux does one have to work an arrangement with Microsoft?
> Just curious.
> Emulators are fascinating. With VMware on XP, one can actually boot to
> Linux and with "virtual IPs" create a mini-network of virtual machines all
> with different op systems. As you can imagine, it consumes loads of memory.
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> This is a long shot - I suspect this will not be practical for everyone
> but...
> Only the hardcare classic Mac enthusiasts would be interested in this.
> There are a number of Mac emulators that run on top of PC platforms -
> Windows, Linux. It may be possible to use a PC with a functioning SCSI
> card to run your favourite older Mac OS and use all your cherished SCSI
> hardware.
> Apple provides earlier versions of its systems for free download. Many of
> these emulators depend on this.
> Few of these are simple to install.
> There is a free mac emulator called basalisk, that will run OS 7.1 to 8.1
> on a PC. (running Windows or Linux) It emulates an older pre powerpc
> mac. (also called a 68k Mac - they all used a 68000 series Motorola
> processor)
> See for windows
> See for Linux and other
> platforms
> It does work - I have done it two PC's in the past. The advantage of this
> is that you can provide this emulator with lots of RAM. Its easy to get a
> PC with 500 MB of RAM - this amount of RAM was not possible on the
> original MACs. It requires access to a 68K mac in order to copy the data
> from the MAC's ROM chip.
> I have no idea if this would support/interface with a SCSI card on a PC
> There is softmac - I've never used it.
> Softmac also provides Fusion a classic Mac emulator that runs on top of
> MSDOS. Fusion PC 3.0 runs System 7.0 and 7.1, as well as Mac OS version
> 7.5, 7.6, 8.0, and 8.1.
> Executor - I've never used it.
> There is also Sheepshaver that is supposed to allow one to run classic
> MacOS applictions on linux (32bit and 64 bit and) and PPC (new Mac)
> machines. It supports MacOS 7.5.2 to 9.0.4 . Its free - haven't used it.
> It may be possible to run this on a new Mac to provide classic support
> without using apples problematic classic mode. It has a scsi manager so
> it should interface with scsi cards.
> See
> There is also PearPC - a powerpc emulator - but this is still in its
> development stage - It may let you run OS X on a PC - but people seem to
> be wanting a way of running pre OS X Mac software.
> Probably others that I have never heard of.
> Gord
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