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Off topic, but since you brought up the subject: Does the purchase of an
emulator include the license for the emulated OS? For instance, if one were
to run XP over Linux does one have to work an arrangement with Microsoft?
Just curious.

Emulators are fascinating. With VMware on XP, one can actually boot to
Linux and with "virtual IPs" create a mini-network of virtual machines all
with different op systems. As you can imagine, it consumes loads of memory.

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This is a long shot - I suspect this will not be practical for everyone

Only the hardcare classic Mac enthusiasts would be interested in this.

There are a number of Mac emulators that run on top of PC platforms -
Windows, Linux. It may be possible to use a PC with a functioning SCSI
card to run your favourite older Mac OS and use all your cherished SCSI

Apple provides earlier versions of its systems for free download. Many of
these emulators depend on this.

Few of these are simple to install.

There is a free mac emulator called basalisk, that will run OS 7.1 to 8.1
on a PC. (running Windows or Linux) It emulates an older pre powerpc
mac. (also called a 68k Mac - they all used a 68000 series Motorola

See for windows
See for Linux and other

It does work - I have done it two PC's in the past. The advantage of this
is that you can provide this emulator with lots of RAM. Its easy to get a
PC with 500 MB of RAM - this amount of RAM was not possible on the
original MACs. It requires access to a 68K mac in order to copy the data
from the MAC's ROM chip.

I have no idea if this would support/interface with a SCSI card on a PC

There is softmac - I've never used it.

Softmac also provides Fusion a classic Mac emulator that runs on top of
MSDOS. Fusion PC 3.0 runs System 7.0 and 7.1, as well as Mac OS version
7.5, 7.6, 8.0, and 8.1.

Executor - I've never used it.

There is also Sheepshaver that is supposed to allow one to run classic
MacOS applictions on linux (32bit and 64 bit and) and PPC (new Mac)
machines. It supports MacOS 7.5.2 to 9.0.4 . Its free - haven't used it.
It may be possible to run this on a new Mac to provide classic support
without using apples problematic classic mode. It has a scsi manager so
it should interface with scsi cards.


There is also PearPC - a powerpc emulator - but this is still in its
development stage - It may let you run OS X on a PC - but people seem to
be wanting a way of running pre OS X Mac software.

Probably others that I have never heard of.


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