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Subject: Re: sizing question
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004 08:14:40 +1300

> Hi, Ithink the prime concern with spray sizing is that it's not archival. I
> have used Ilford film hardener in the past. It's not as useful as
> formaldehyde, but it does work. It's best to keep the paper for a week
> before using it, and to coat between gum layers.

It's less related to the original question and it's probably more for
you, but...

Fuji sells a bottled emulsion called "Art Emulsion." They sell a
product called "Art Emulsion Binder" to use as a sizing layer. This
"Binder" is most likely a styrene-butadiene latex copolymer, which has
good adhesion on many support materials like glass, ceramics,
etc... and emulsions have good adhesion on this substance. I don't
know if other bottled emulsion products come with sizing media paired
with them, but if they do, such sizing solution may find useful for
your emulsion-on-whatever project when whatver find too much challange
to coat on. (Styrene-butadiene is a common sizing for commercial films
based on polyester.)

In relation to the original question, chrome alum or glutaraldehyde
can be used to harden gelatin size.

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