Re: Coating Rod Basics - steel

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Date: 11/24/04-10:30:12 AM Z
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There is a stainless steel commonly referred to as "marine grade". I wonder
where in the steel hierarchy that one is....

>As Ryuji points out, "stainless steel" is not a well defined term. Here in
>Europe, people talk about two categories: "Rust free" (DIN A2), which will
>not rust in clean water, but will do so in salt water, and "acid fast"
>(DIN A4) which does not rust in salt water. Unfortunately the story does
>not end there, and there are a large number of "stainless" qualities
>around. I think the strainer I used was probably DIN A2 (as is most
>kitchenware), but I can't say for sure. I don't know how the more
>resistant qualities will stand up to Fe(III), but I think they, too will
>eventually corrode.
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