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Date: 11/23/04-11:24:36 PM Z
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Stainless steel?!?! But many of our processes expressly warn against stainless steel,
don't they? When have you used stainless steel? Not for anything silver nitrate? Or am I
remembering wrongly?


On 23 Nov 2004 at 17:57, Jack Fulton wrote:

Stainless steel coating rods come in various sizes of length and
diameter. They are wound with wire to provide even coating and a
smooth flow of liquid over a surface such as paper.

Here is web site providing prices and sizes.


On Nov 23, 2004, at 7:54 AM, Michael Koch-Schulte wrote:

I'm looking for some direction on building or buying coating rods for
8X10 work (pt/pd, cyano, VDB). Is there an off-the-shelf solution
available that I can get from a hardware store? I was thinking of
adapting an acrylic towel bar or similar, or am I wasting my time is
glass the better way to go? What kind on local industries would carry
glass rod? I don't have a lab supply company in my city.
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