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Forget the baume. I mix it 1 gum (weight) + 2 water (volume). I think the
usual is 1 gum +3 water but this is a bit liquidy for me, and I noticed that
a lot of the original practitioners used the thicker gum--even thicker than
this. It's nice and juicy when it brushes on.
Pretend you're mixing flour and water for gravy--a little water at a time,
or blend the sucker up in your blender or food processor.
You can use it right away, no need to wait. One more myth.
OHH, add a bit of preservative or it stinks baaaaad.
Chris (who is thrilled to be on Thanksgiving break)

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> Hello All,
> I dusted off a can of Graphic Chemical gum arabic powder only to find
> no instructions or guidelines for a mixture... 14 baume or otherwise.
> I'm without a hydrometer, so does anyone has a suggestion for the
> mixture I need for gum printing?
> thanks in advance
> Darryl Baird
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