Re: Kodalith fine line developer formula (sort of)

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Date: 11/23/04-03:46:06 PM Z
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From: Nick Zentena <>
Subject: Re: Kodalith fine line developer formula (sort of)
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 16:18:03 -0500

> I've been muddling along with Kodak D-9. The life of the
> developer has been fine but I've had other problems. I think I may
> be on the track to fix the major one. Agfa paper seems to need a
> prewash to slow down the developer getting into the paper. A more
> active developer would be a positive since my times in the developer
> are 10+ minutes. OTOH the slow times are making snatching the print
> less of an issue.

Your development time should be at least 10 minutes, more like 15-30
min to get good effects on lith printing. This is different from
regular lith development.

> Is just sulfite enough to get the pH high enough?

No. You need pH of 10-12 range, and you'll get different effects
depending on where you are in the range.

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