Re: Kodalith fine line developer formula (sort of)

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Date: 11/23/04-03:18:03 PM Z
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On November 23, 2004 12:49 pm, Ryuji Suzuki wrote:

> Formaldehyde and sulfite do not make free sulfite to be zero. They
> make an equilibrium working as a sulfite buffer, amounting free
> sulfite to equivalent of a couple of grams per liter. I have posted a
> developer calle "Burning Lithprint developer" in old pure-silver list,
> which contains a couple grams of sulfite, bromide and hydroquinone, in
> a solution buffered with trisodium phosphate. It's a very active
> developer for lith printing, but has very short life unless a gram of
> sulfite is added periodically, because of no sulfite reservoir. Yet I
> can get a few prints out of each liter of the solution. The idea is to
> have active solution ready for one-shot use to eliminate the guesswork
> associated with old brown.
> Hydroquinone-only classic lith developers are becoming
> obsolete. Modern lith film/developer system use contrast enhancing
> agents (hydrazine compounds) for true infectious development. But then
> lithographic films are getting obsolete as well.

        I've been muddling along with Kodak D-9. The life of the developer has been
fine but I've had other problems. I think I may be on the track to fix the
major one. Agfa paper seems to need a prewash to slow down the developer
getting into the paper. A more active developer would be a positive since my
times in the developer are 10+ minutes. OTOH the slow times are making
snatching the print less of an issue.

        Is just sulfite enough to get the pH high enough?

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