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Subject: Re: Coating Rod Basics
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 17:30:29 +0000

> Go to and order their catalog. On page 123 are the glass
  rods. Get item # 115-20578 for $15.00. Also buy the glass tubing
  cutter, #120-20550.
> To cut the rod, make a good mark with the cutter about 1/4" long.
  Turn the cut away from you, put your thumbs across from the scratch
  and break. Good idea to wear gloves.
> Go to your hardware store and buy some sheet plastic about 1/4-1/2"
  thick. Cut to handle size and superglue the tube to the handle.
> For about $25.00 you will have all the coating rods you will ever need.

I've seen variations among coating rods---whether the rod rotates or
not, whether the rod is wound with wire or not.

I use a rod similar to the one described above except that the rod is
wound with a teflon coated stainless steel wire, and I use it to coat
glass (to make gelatin dry plates). I was wondering if other types of
rods are better for paper (for which, I use "spray-like" fine finish
foam roller, but I might want another option here).

Also, do people find thicker tubes are easier to use as a coating rod?


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