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Date: 11/23/04-10:51:04 AM Z
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Hi Rodolpho, thanks but the original idea is not mine :) (I don't
remember where I have read it)

Are you sure that your coating table/bench is level? If not, you will
definitely experience problems.

Will pass you some other information (I don't remember the source of
this one either): use a glass plate one size larger then your paper as a
support, place enough modeling paste or putty under each corner and
level the glass using two spirit levels (by pressing to the corners -
the paste will carry the glass but if you press strong enough it will
widen and loose some height).


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> Currently I coat with a small glass rod, and I push and pull
> it with a
> piece of EVA - after I had almost given up on glass coating,
> because I
> couldnīt make an even coat on my first tries.
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