RE: Coating Rod Basics

From: Don Bryant ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 11/23/04-10:21:28 AM Z
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> I'm looking for some direction on building or buying coating rods for 8X10
> work (pt/pd, cyano, VDB). Is there an off-the-shelf solution available
> that
> I can get from a hardware store? I was thinking of adapting an acrylic
> towel
> bar or similar, or am I wasting my time is glass the better way to go?
> What
> kind on local industries would carry glass rod? I don't have a lab supply
> company in my city.

Rods made from glass tubing with the ends bent upward for use as handles
aren't the easiest coating rods to use in my experience. Bostick and
Sullivan sell a pretty good rod with a nice easy to use handle. Of course if
you have access to some 9 or 10 mm tubing and a propane torch you could make
your own rod by getting the handles cut from a glass shop. All things
considered buying the pre-made ones are much more convenient.

Have fun,

Don Bryant
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