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Date: 11/22/04-04:00:56 PM Z
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WOW! That does give one reason to pau$e!

On Monday, November 22, 2004, at 01:27 PM, Keith Gerling wrote:

> Tom,
> I put this stuff in an existing box, so I guess you could call this an
> upgrade.  These days video, audio, and networking functions are often
> (usually) available on the mainboard, thus no cards. Her Asus board
> has built in SATA RAID, and I've been running onboard ATA RAID for
> years on an old Abit board.  Checking today's specials at,
> I see that you can buy a 16X DVD drive for $62 and a pretty decent
> case/power supply for $30.  I see that is offering a 200
> MB Seagate drive for $70  I've got a whole box of SCSI cards that I
> hopefully will never need again, but I see Newegg has one for $17.  So
> it wouldn't be a major hit to put an entire system together from
> scratch. 
> So, If I were putting a system together today with a $1700 Apple
> budget, I'd do this:
> 2 200 GB Seagate drives
>   RAID drives                         140
> MSI dual cpu mainboard         205
> 2 10,000 RPM 40MB
>   SATA drives (RAID)            210
> DVD                                       65
> 2 AMD 64 bit processors        300
> 2 additional video cards            80
> case/power supply                   50
> 4 Gig RAM                            700
> Wow!   Ponder that for a moment.  You have 4 gigs of RAM, and you put
> your Photoshop scratch disk on your RAID SATA drives which are
> spinning at 10,000.  You still have 400 GB of RAID storage.   All
> that, and DUAL 64 bit processors.  AND, you have three
> monitors.  The connoisseur side of me says "go Apple". but
> the financially poor computer side of me wins out! 
> As for AMD vs. Intel?  Well, that's entirely different war.  AMD seems
> to be ahead of Intel with the ability tof offer fancy chipsets, 
> 64bit, etc.   I certainly wouldn't call them "second class".  I prefer
> AMD over Intel because they always win out in the benchmark tests
> running Photoshop, which is my primary application.  Also, for some
> reason, dual AMDs of similar speed run some applications (like video
> editting and 3d rendering) at FAR greater speeds than similar dual
> Pentiums. 
Tom Ferguson
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