Re: planned obsolescence rules

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Date: 11/22/04-12:11:40 PM Z
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On November 22, 2004 11:57 am, Tom Ferguson wrote:

> Can PCs run RAID right off of the motherboard? That would be nice (I
> don't "think" Apples can).

  Depends on the board but many do today.

> And (most SERIOUSLY) I don't see SCSI, which is how I entered this now
> completely off topic thread ;-)

  You can add whatever you want-)

> I would love to try a project like this, but I doubt that 98% of the
> computer buying public would want to!

        Here in Toronto you can walk into most white box computer stores with a parts
list. They'll assemble the stuff and give you a warranty on the whole thing.
It's no more expensive then buying the parts and doing the screw driver bit
yourself. OTOH you need to know what to ask for.

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