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Date: 11/22/04-10:57:00 AM Z
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OK, consider me chilled :-)

Having never put a computer together from scratch, I'm a little
confused by your shopping list. "1 gig of memory on a 2.6 ghz processor
for $315" and "AMD 2600 processor: $105" look to me to be duplicates?
Isn't AMD considered a "second class" processor compared to Pentiums
(or is my PC knowledge outdated/wrong?). I don't see an enclosure, I
don't see a power supply, I don't see a video card, I don't see a hard
drive, I don't see an optical drive (CD/DVD). But to compare that to
the price of a manufactured Apple (or PC) would be sad, the
manufactured box would run about $1500 to $1700.

Can PCs run RAID right off of the motherboard? That would be nice (I
don't "think" Apples can).

And (most SERIOUSLY) I don't see SCSI, which is how I entered this now
completely off topic thread ;-)

I would love to try a project like this, but I doubt that 98% of the
computer buying public would want to!

On Sunday, November 21, 2004, at 01:23 PM, Keith Gerling wrote:

> Tom.  Chill.  I was just kidding.  I use my friend's dual cpu Mac and
> it is very very sweet.  The OS and hardware is engineered  like a BMW
> as compared to my Mustang GT which is fast but clunky.
> You might be surprised at how easy it is to build a PC these days. 
> The motherboard manufatureres supply glossy well-illustrated fold out
> instructions that are very simple to follow.  No setting jumpers and
> tweaking the BIOS anymore. Anyone that can follow instruction to make
> a platinum print (or, god forbid, a gum) can put one together these
> days. 
> The other day I put together a system for my wife:  1 gig of memory on
> a 2.6 ghz processor for $315.  Asus motherboard: $50.  Two strips 512
> strips of DDR: $160.  AMD 2600 processor: $105.  It took me twenty
> minutes, and I'm no wiz at this stuff.  She's got a very fast system
> with 1280 screen resolution, 6 USB slots, firewire, Serial ATA,
> RAID , and great sound and there's not a single card in it. 
> Yes, I love Macs.  I've got a PowerBook on my Christmas wish list (oh
> pleeeese, Santa..), and I love my iPod.  But I'm curious as to what a
> Mac system comparable to the one above would cost.  Any idea? 
Tom Ferguson
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