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Hi Helena, I corresponded with Peter a short while before he became ill re making temperaprints and I've just started doing some in the last few days, alongside my gum printing.
Some things I've noticed - do you agree?
You have to put the print straight in the wash after exposure - its much more critical than with gum.
The temperaprint has way more contrast than gum, so you can't use the same negatives.
It's much easier to get brilliant colour with temperaprint.

I have taken great liberties with Peter's process - I'm using Hahnemuhle printmaking paper with dilute acrylic gesso as size - seems to be perfect!
I'm also using watercolour paints (Maimeri)

Are others using diginegs for this process?
Has anyone used gouache?
I'm sure I have other q's but am being plagued by a 3 yr old right now
To be continued......

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  First of all the news about Peter's health is very good. After the treatment for cancer of the colon and of the spine , Peter contracted an MSRA infection in hospital but he is still fighting. He has now been moved to a re-habilitaion ward in Southend Hospital and we are all hoping that they can get him fit enough to use a wheelchair and be out of hospital a.s.a.p. He will hopefully very soon have a laptop and he can start working again. He is looking forward to that and he is full of ideas. As to practitioners of Temperaprint, we are a small but select group. There are a few of us here in the UK, Loris has done some in Turkey and Barbara Maloney who is American but currently lives in Germany is also a practitioner. Peter, Barbara and my self have a gallery page on the website. We would welcome a few more converts.Hellena
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