Peter Frederick and Temperaprint

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First of all the news about Peter's health is very good. After the treatment for cancer of the colon and of the spine , Peter contracted an MSRA infection in hospital but he is still fighting. He has now been moved to a re-habilitaion ward in Southend Hospital and we are all hoping that they can get him fit enough to use a wheelchair and be out of hospital a.s.a.p. He will hopefully very soon have a laptop and he can start working again. He is looking forward to that and he is full of ideas. As to practitioners of Temperaprint, we are a small but select group. There are a few of us here in the UK, Loris has done some in Turkey and Barbara Maloney who is American but currently lives in Germany is also a practitioner. Peter, Barbara and my self have a gallery page on the website. We would welcome a few more converts.Hellena
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