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From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 11/18/04-10:32:41 PM Z
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Why the scsi to usb adaptor? Why not just install a scsi card in the
Mac? I two in my G4 and they both work perfectly with OS 10.2.8 and
my scsi devices.

Sandy King

>I crashed and burned on this project :-(
>I have both VueScan and the original Umax Photoshop plugin driver
>that run my Umax scanner in OS9. Neither would recognize the scanner
>with the Adaptec XChange scsi to usb adapter. According to the
>Adaptec manual I should have seen the scanner with a SCSI probe, not
>seen. I only have Vuescan for OSX, as Judy guessed Umax never made
>an OSX driver for this scanner. Again, the scanner with the adapter
>wasn't "scene". Apple System profiler knew "something" was there,
>the scanner showed up as "unidentified". I tried all configurations
>plugged directly into the back of the computer (powered) USB port.
>In order to work with my new laptop it will have to run native in
>OSX (newer Mac's can use classic, but not "boot" into OS9).
>Total bummer!
>Judy (or anyone else here doing this), what brand and model of SCSI
>to USB converter are you using successfully on a Mac? Are you using
>it in 9 or X.
>On Thursday, November 18, 2004, at 02:09 PM, Judy Seigel wrote:
>>On Wed, 17 Nov 2004, Tom Ferguson wrote:
>>>I'm doing some checking into this. My current scanner is an older
>>>Umax Powerlook III. A shocking $1200US at the time I bought it!
>>>Very nice scanner, does everything I need (including large film)
>>>and has a good density range. It is SCSI. I'm about to replace the
>>>last (old) Mac laptop I have that still runs SCSI :-(
>>>I'm trying a SCSI to USB adapter today, but I question if that will work.
>>Tom, I have several devices on a scuzzi to USB adapter and they do
>>work, tho my old (it isn't really old, just old for nowadays) UMAX
>>Powerlook 2100 XL is on the only (or one of only) SCSI ports in the
>>G4. However, if your UMax is older than mine, which it might be --
>>check that you can get the new driver for system X before buying
>>the adapter. I think, for instance, there is none for the XL.
>Tom Ferguson
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