RE: Inkjet negatives and Van Dyke Brownprints

From: Don Bryant ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 11/18/04-09:59:27 PM Z
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> Thanks for the pointer to Gary's site. I had seen it and read the
> article. But, it only adds to my bewilderment about the severity of
> the correction curves. Look at Gary's curve values compared to mine:
> input...Gary's output...My output
> 225...222...133
> 190...190...118
> 156...162...103
> 120...138...93
> 90...121...85
> 44...90...72
> 20...61...64
> 0...24...54
> His range of values in the corrected negative is almost 200 levels while
> mine is compressed to around 80 levels. We are both clipping the high
> and low ends but my clipping is much more severe on both ends and the
> curve much lower in contrast. I've tried my curve with a couple
> different images and get similar (and nearly acceptable) results from
> the negatives. I'm perplexed.

Have you printed a digital step wedge?

Dan's 50 patch step tablet is a good one to use or Liam Lawless's 101 patch
tablet may even be better. Printed along side a standard Stouffers step
tablet can help lead you in the right direction perhaps. I would print these
uncurved to start with and evaluate the results. Sometimes using someone
else's curve doesn't really help.

A colorized negative will most likely help to reduce the need for an extreme
adjustment curve. You mat even want to try Keith Schreiber's faux pyro

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