RE: Trick for increasing speed of photo papers?

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Date: 11/18/04-09:40:09 PM Z
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> >
> > I'm forgetting now who it was, but who was the
> >> printer who ALWAYS printed so that he could give a light bleach to
> clear
> >> up whites?
> >
> > Ansel Adams for one, or so he wrote in his book on printing.
> Are you sure it wasn't Ansel describing someone else? Wherever I read it,
> it wasn't the author's thing, but some one else's.

This was discussed in his section on using ferricyanide bleach. He didn't
say someone else did it, but rather he said he did it occasionally on some
prints. As I remember I tried his bleach formula as described in this
section trying to "brighten" a print and after flipping the print face up in
a tray of wash water discovered a blank print. So his formula worked
perfectly, my print was much brighter.

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