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Date: 11/17/04-01:16:54 PM Z
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I recently bought the Epson 4870 scanner and I really like it. I can scan
all my negatives 35, 6x7 and 4x5. (I don't have any 8x10s). I also bought
the Epson 2200 at the same time and I'm making digital negatives on that.
(The 4000, 7600 and 9600 are just out of my league for what I do.) I bought
them both through for a total of $1018, which included shipping.
That was the best buy I could find at the time (about 2 months ago). You get
a better price when you buy them both at once. I needed to replace my old
Epson Stylus ink-jet printer and my 3-Pass(!) flat bed scanner. There comes
a time in every man's life...


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Subject: Scanner Recommendations?

I am slowly moving into the world of Alt Process and I'm picking up
resources along the way. I have found a great deal of knowledge here on
the list, so thank you all for sharing your experiences.

At this point, I would like to begin by scanning my body of work (in
various formats: 35mm, medium & LF 4x5) and I am beginning to review
scanners for the job. Ultimately, I will be creating digital negatives
out of the scans (most likely on an Epson 2200... that's my next
purchase after this one).

My question for the alt-process community is: what scanner do you
recommend for someone who will be scanning in the three formats
mentioned earlier?

My budget is around $750US (although I might be persuaded to go higher
if cost can be justified), and I will be working with Photoshop CS on a
WinXP machine.

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