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Date: 11/17/04-01:34:42 PM Z
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I have the Epson 2450, a flatbed with overhead adaptor. It is capable of doing 35mm up
to 4x5. BUT it does not do such a hot job on 35mm, especially transparencies. On the
positive side, it's given me very good scans of my 6x9s and my 4x5s. These are all for
digital negs. I have heard that the its successor - the 4850? - is even better.

For 35mm, tho, you may have a problem trying to get one do-all scanner. Unless the
past couple of years have seen progress by the leaps and bounds, you probably are
going to find that you need a separate 35mm film scanner for those. I've been fortunate,
since I gave up 35mm 7-8 years ago. My one legitimate complaint about the 2450 is that
it's useless for the 8x10 negs and transparencies I've moved in the past year.


On 17 Nov 2004 at 10:57, Alistair Calder wrote:

> I am slowly moving into the world of Alt Process and I'm picking up
> resources along the way. I have found a great deal of knowledge here
> on the list, so thank you all for sharing your experiences.
> At this point, I would like to begin by scanning my body of work (in
> various formats: 35mm, medium & LF 4x5) and I am beginning to review
> scanners for the job. Ultimately, I will be creating digital
> negatives out of the scans (most likely on an Epson 2200... that's my
> next purchase after this one).
> My question for the alt-process community is: what scanner do you
> recommend for someone who will be scanning in the three formats
> mentioned earlier?
> My budget is around $750US (although I might be persuaded to go higher
> if cost can be justified), and I will be working with Photoshop CS on
> a WinXP machine.
> Thanks,
> Alistair
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