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Date: 11/13/04-11:43:57 PM Z
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Initial test print looks quite promising. Contact printed on a Beseler 45MX
to PolyContrast III RC paper. Holds ink well. A big improvement over the
generic transparency film I'm using. Resultant wedge looks much better in
full "color" mode on my Epson 300 (settings: Best Photo; Prem. Glossy Photo
Paper) And these aren't even the highest quality settings for the printer.
"Black Ink Only" test not so hot because of pooling or articfacts I think,
no surprise Black Ink Only seems to only work on Matte papers with this
printer. I've never gotten a great Black only print on gloss paper. Spectral
Density test 0-71-71-0 didn't pan out very well (no white, not even close,
but a gentler curve I suspect), but again I suspect that's more to do with
the printer's limitations, since I've never been able to make a wedge dense
enough to print white using the Spectral Density Method. Probably no
Pictorico here, but not the bottom of the barrel either, somewhere in the

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>I just found this material at the "Business Depot". Anyone else tried it
for Digital Negatives? I'm going to profile a wedge on it tonight. Labelled
as Slimline Inkjet Film. Dimensions are 8.27" X 11.67" inches. Marketed as
transparent sign material by a company called "Headline". It has a small
peel away strip on the bottom presumably to mount it to a backlit display
system. Claims to be quick drying. It has a much smoother-silkier "rough"
surface (ink side) than the generic overhead transparency (read: cheap junk)
I've been practicing my curves on. Price was $13 CDN for 10 sheets, ie. less
than a buck a sheet USDs. Lots of Japanese or Chinese printing on the
inside. Definately an import. Looks promising. I'll post my findings in a
few hours.
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