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On Sat, 13 Nov 2004 wrote:

> pd Basically I don't believe there is any "tooth" for the sizing to adhere
> and the hardening is to harden the size so the gum bichromate and any other
> sensitive emulsion can hold an image.

Sizing is one thing, tooth is another. My original comment was that you
need *either* a substrate or a roughing up of the material to do gum on a
hard surface like metal. "The size" you refer to above is presumably
gelatin, since it has to be hardened, but something like polyurethane can
also be used. These are substrates.


>> You are saying that Jill Enfield prints gum bichromate on aluminum without
>> a gelatin (or other) substrate, or any "roughing up"?? Where did you read
>> that? (She doesn't cover gum printing in her book.) You may be talking
>> about her use of silver gelatin emulsion, which is of course in a gelatin
>> base.
>> Judy
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