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On Fri, 12 Nov 2004 17:02:22 -0500, "Gregory Blank"
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> Ryuji ;
> Would you be willing to email a pdf of the "Normal"
> Formula? If its no a super huge file?

Brovira normal is one page out of AGFA Photopapierfabrik rezeptur dated
6 June 1945, and the page is marked Leverkusen-I.G.Werk, den 23. Juni.
1945. But this is only a small part of the whole document about the
emulsion making, coating and quality control practice at Leverkusen,
which is available as FIAT report 360. This is a post-WW2 intelligence
report that was initially restricted but later declassified. As such,
the material is in public domain, and can be disseminated, except that
there are many pages and the binding is rather fragile.

However, I'll tell you there's nothing in this formula you can't learn
from later, more modern sources on emulsion making. This Brovira normal
doesn't seem to be anything special. Brovira extra hard was truly
innovative and other manufacturers tried and all failed to reproduce the
very high contrast of Brovira extra hard, but that technology is better
described in details in later papers on lithographic film emulsions than
this original formula, because they didn't have any real idea of how it
worked to boost contrast. I collected these documents because I am
interested in emulsion making as well as history of emulsion technology.
I admit I was expecting to see something new but all important things
are better discussed in later papers...

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