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   Forte produced a paper called Bromofort which was available up until
1996. It was a cold tone paper very stark contrast, graded only
Very similar Imop to Kodak Elite VC paper.

   Forte continued to produce the paper but it was not sold here in the
because of waning interest.

Richard do you know off hand when Brovira was discontinued?

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>>> Kind of curious how enthused would people on this list be if
>>> suddenly Bromide
>>> photo paper became available in the US.
>>> You can email me directly if it is felt to be more appropriate.
>> I think the last pure bromide emulsion was Agfa Brovira. I don't
>> know what advantage a pure bromide emulsion has over a chloro-bromide
>> type. Nearly all paper manufacturers abandoned papers with a single
>> halide component in them years ago. According to Kodak Azo is a pure
>> chloride emulsion but I am uncertain if the customer service people
>> know what is actually in the emulsion. I think the halide used is
>> secondary to other characteristics.
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