Re: Help with what I believe is a hardening issue

From: Sandy King ^lt;>
Date: 11/12/04-01:57:57 PM Z
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Try for Yupo.

I have purchased this material, which I use as a base for carbon
tissue, several times from them in the past.


>I have been looking for Yupo and a few other plastic papers at a local
>store but they just tell me "someone else asked for it but we don't have
>it" for past several months... I'm generally happy with hot press +
>gelatin size, but sometimes I want to get more details sharply rendered.
>I do silver gelatin process almost exclusively so I dont think I'll have
>the highlight flaking problem people get with gum.
>Thanks for the info.
>PS. Anyone in Boston area wants to trade leftover gesso/alkyd/other
>stuff you don't use with glut hardener stock solution? (I don't even
>know who else is from Boston.)
>On Fri, 12 Nov 2004 09:32:37 -0800, "Tom Ferguson"
><> said:
>> Agree. Like Katharine I don't know what you need/want, but you can get
>> a very smooth surface with Gesso. There are also a number of "plastic"
>> type papers now (artificial paper, not plant material) that might be of
>> interest to you. I think the TemperaPrint folks use these.
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