Re: 2200 Inks for 4 color printers??

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Date: 11/11/04-04:30:12 AM Z
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Hi Nick,
MIS has ultrachrome color inks in bulk. You could use the CMYK inks
from this set with a continuous flow system or buy empty cartridges
and fill them as they don't sell 1160 prefilled cartridges.

Some time ago Hans and Chia asked on this list for information about
this ink and it's behaviour on pictorico and copyjet. Maybe they have
more information now. I am planning to give these inks a try in my
1200 after the (old style) MIS archival inks are used up some more.

At this moment I am experimenting with QuadTone Rip on this 1200 with
color inks (because I like 'breaking rules'). With QTR it is possible
to specify each ink for output and leave out others. One can also
control ink laydown for each color and mix two profiles when
printing. My idea is to make QTR-profiles that output spectral
density negatives directly without using any coloring on the file


>I know this subject has been discussed in one way or another, but I didn't
>find it when I looked. The question relates to the idea of using a 4 color
>version of the 2200 inks. I have an 1160 and I am looking to change the
>quad black inks I have in it to something more compatible with pictorico or
>the like.
>Does anyone know of such a product?
>Many thanks,
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