Re: 2200 Inks for 4 color printers??

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Date: 11/11/04-10:03:25 AM Z
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Thanks Kees, I just now queried MIS on that good idea. I'll pass on any


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> Hi Nick,
> MIS has ultrachrome color inks in bulk. You could use the CMYK inks
> from this set with a continuous flow system or buy empty cartridges
> and fill them as they don't sell 1160 prefilled cartridges.
> Some time ago Hans and Chia asked on this list for information about
> this ink and it's behaviour on pictorico and copyjet. Maybe they have
> more information now. I am planning to give these inks a try in my
> 1200 after the (old style) MIS archival inks are used up some more.
> At this moment I am experimenting with QuadTone Rip on this 1200 with
> color inks (because I like 'breaking rules'). With QTR it is possible
> to specify each ink for output and leave out others. One can also
> control ink laydown for each color and mix two profiles when
> printing. My idea is to make QTR-profiles that output spectral
> density negatives directly without using any coloring on the file
> itself.
> -kees
> >I know this subject has been discussed in one way or another, but I
> >find it when I looked. The question relates to the idea of using a 4
> >version of the 2200 inks. I have an 1160 and I am looking to change the
> >quad black inks I have in it to something more compatible with pictorico
> >the like.
> >
> >Does anyone know of such a product?
> >
> >Many thanks,
> >
> >Nick
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