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Re: POP processKodak was going to discontinue making Azo paper althoether.
With a moderately large investment, Michael Smith and his wife Paula Chamlee
engaged Kodak to continue making the Azo paper, and in addition got larger
sizes in their production line. At this point, all Azo paper comes from
Michael and Paula, who distribute it to other retail outlets.

Azo is a basic cholride rather than bromide paper, designed for contact
printint, and it takes a strong (300 W) light to print. The long tonal
qualities are best brought out with the old Amidol paper developing formula.

The result takes some practice, but returns consistant and high quality in
prints that cannot be seen in other Silver gelatin paper.

POP is another type of paper and printing process altogether.

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Hello Shannon,

Thanks so much for responding to my question. You are the only one who
responded Perhaps that means few people use POP paper.

You mentioined Azo paper. From the web, I see that it's a paper Kodak makes
and that it comes in #2 and #3 contrasts. It is glossy?

Yes. You can get grade 3 I think from B and H, but the othter grade is
only available from that site has a lot of info on how
to use it too. Or maybe it's #2 that you get from B and H, and #3 comes
from michaelandpaula.

What can you recall about the problems of exposing the POP paper? I recall
you said that it had been a couple of years since you have used it. And
also, you mentioned that you had problems toning it, What were the

I can't remember exactly, but just that it took me a lot of tries to get
consistently good at it and to make the prints all look more or less the

Why did you begin to use the POP paper and what made you stop using it?

I was just trying a lot of alt processes and I liked the long scale and the
glossiness. but in the end I decided it was too expensive, because of the
gold toning.

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