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>Hello Shannon,
>Thanks so much for responding to my question. You are the only one
>who responded Perhaps that means few people use POP paper.
>You mentioined Azo paper. From the web, I see that it's a paper
>Kodak makes and that it comes in #2 and #3 contrasts. It is glossy?

Yes. You can get grade 3 I think from B and H, but the othter grade
is only available from that site has a lot of
info on how to use it too. Or maybe it's #2 that you get from B and
H, and #3 comes from michaelandpaula.

>What can you recall about the problems of exposing the POP paper? I
>recall you said that it had been a couple of years since you have
>used it. And also, you mentioned that you had problems toning it,
>What were the problems?

I can't remember exactly, but just that it took me a lot of tries to
get consistently good at it and to make the prints all look more or
less the same.

>Why did you begin to use the POP paper and what made you stop using it?

I was just trying a lot of alt processes and I liked the long scale
and the glossiness. but in the end I decided it was too expensive,
because of the gold toning.

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