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Date: 11/08/04-03:40:05 PM Z
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I'm not a chemist, but I do recall one important lesson from high school
chemistry which is to never put your nose up to the bottle to smell the
contents. Rather, use your hand to wave the air near the top of the bottle
toward your nose if you find it necessary to smell what's in the
bottle. If there's concentrated ammonia or acid, you're certain to get the
gist using this method without the health hazard of burning your nose hair
or ingesting too many hydrocarbons at once.

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At 02:42 PM 11/8/2004, Loris Medici wrote:

>I tried to smell KRST once and it made me kind of dizzy and stunned for a
>brief time - I quit immediately to smell chemicals after that experience.
>What would have caused this phenomenon?
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