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> Richard, thanks for clarification. Having said "...KRST is
> not hazardous unless you drink it..." can you please
> explain my experience below?
> I tried to smell KRST once and it made me kind of dizzy
> and stunned for a brief time - I quit immediately to smell
> chemicals after that experience. What would have caused
> this phenomenon?
> Thanks,
> Loris.

    There is some ammonia odor from the Ammonium thiosulfate
in it. This is the same thing as "rapid" fixer. Ammonia is
also used as smelling salts. It is choking in large amounts
but if you got your nose right near a fairly strong solution
it migh have given you a bit of a jolt. Selenium in the
toner does not give off any fumes.
    There is much more dangerous stuff than ordinary photo
chemicals under you sink. Household ammonia can be choking.
If you mix household ammonia and chlorine bleach it will
give off chlorine gas and some other stuff. If you mix the
two when cleaning a closed space like a shower stall or oven
it can kill you. Drain cleaner is mostly sodium hydroxide
which can cause severe burns. Even laundry detergent often
contains large amounts of sodium carbonate. While not as
caustic as the hydroxide it can still cause skin irritation.
The reason a handfull of laundry detergent feels warm is
because it is reacting with the moisture in your skin.
   Some materials used in alternative processis is truly
hazardous, concentrated sulfuric acid and potassium
dichromate are examples but most of the materials used for
conventional photography are not in this class.

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