Re: CMYK separations on Adobe Photoshop

From: Katharine Thayer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 11/03/04-03:33:11 AM Z
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Keith Gerling wrote:
> Thanks for the clarification. Next time, I'll read a thread before I butt
> in!
> By "default", I guess that means whatever the settings are when PS comes out
> of the box. To me, that is like the "default" stations set on the radio of a
> newly purchased car: they get changed so fast you never know or care what
> they were.

Yeah, you think that everyone gets in there and messes around with the
controls and programs the radio to make coffee and everything like you
do (joke) but the truth is that a lot of gum printers don't do any of
that, they just listen to the radio stations that came from the factory
because they don't know how to change the station. I think this is
becoming less true as people become more savvy with Photoshop and with
the whole technology of digital negative production, but to suppose that
there's no one left like this would be supposing too much, I suspect.
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